I was talking with one of my clients about her decision to go to a Division III gymnastics team and this is what made her decision easy.
When we think of recruiting we often think of the athlete, but what is it like for the college coach? They are also going through the recruiting process, just in a little different way.
The college experience is, in many cases, the most important four years in our children’s lives and realizing the potential leverage families of prospective student-athletes have in the college recruiting process, will develop increased confidence and clarity as the college quest unfolds. Then, knowing how to close on this opportunity is, without question, essential. My goal with this article is to identify 5 essential initial steps that prospects, families and coaches can use to effectively launch the college search.
(Note:  Editorials and opinion pieces will now be categoried separately) This past season, I've typed the phrase (when recapping a women's meet), "the highest score since 2004", too many times to count.  Team after team recorded new all-time high scores, or achieved their highest mark since 2004.  Why is the year 2004 significant?  Well, it was the season before the last time the coaches and judges collaborated to recalibrate the scoring system. In 2004, the 12th ranked team had a Regional Qualifying Score (RQS) of 196.99.  The following season, the 12th ranked team finished the season with a 195.715.  This…
Georgia has the strongest schedule when compared to the Top 12 teams in 2014, according to the annual analysis from CollegeGymFans.com. Each year, we've calculated the relative strength of the schedule (relative schedule difficulty) for the Top 12 Teams, as determined by the Preseason Coaches' Poll. Read on to find out how the rest of the teams fared.
For the 2014 edition of our ranking of the Top Recruiting Classes, we've had to wait until the last minute to make our decision.  "Recruiting" now has an entirely new definition.  Some of the athletes in our rankings originally selected their colleges over three years ago.  But more than few made their decisions within the last six to nine months.  In this age of early recruiting, a lot can change in the three final years of high school and during the first year of competition.  Thus, we're also seeing the emergence of a lively late recruiting period and early entries…
*Updated*  Every fall, a new set of Women's code modifications are published by the NCAA.  These code modifications outline variances in the NCAA code from the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympics Level 10 code.  This is the means by which all routines are evaluated during the upcoming season.  The latest update contains a few changes from last season, primarily adding special considerations for those athletes that do certain elements of difficulty in their routines, while not raising the minimum standards needed to get a 10.  Although the NCAA has different Special Requirements than the NCAA, it shares the same execution deductions…
Character is defined as: The way someone thinks, feels or behaves.     I was at Level 9 Westerns last year and noticed something interesting. I was standing next to a college coach of a top 12 team.  We were watching the meet together, focused on the younger age groups.  This coach standing next to me had a tablet out and was jotting down names of girls he saw that were being positive, encouraging teammates and respectful to their coaches. He was not focused on performance, but on character.  
It is the start of a new experience! You have worked hard and have been committed to your academics and gymnastics. You have put in a ton of hours to achieve your dream of competing for a college gymnastics team.  You journey as a college athlete now begins.
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