Saturday, 07 September 2019 21:39

US Names Men's World Championships Squad

Written by Greg

The US named five former or current NCAA gymnasts to the 2019 World Championship squad following the Selection Camp this weekend.  They are led by Sam Mikulak (ex Michigan) who dominated the trials and the US Championships.  Also selected were Trevor Howard (ex PSU), Akash Modi (ex-Stanford), Yul Moldauer (ex-OU), and Shane Wiskus (Minnesota).  Allan Bower (ex-OU) is the travelling alternate. 

In the combined standings from two days of competition at the US Championships and at the Selection Camp, Mikulak finished in first by over 12 points.  Modi was 2nd, Wiskus 3rd and Moldauer 4th.  Bower was 5th but Howard was selected likely due to his strength on R (a weak event for the US).     

Link:  Release

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