Thursday, 05 September 2019 20:59

Men's World Championship Trials: Mikulak Leads Field

Written by Greg

Former NCAA champ and Michigan star Sam Mikulak built a commanding lead at the US Men's World Championships selection meet.  The meet features 7 of 8 former or current NCAA gymnasts.  Former Stanford star and NCAA champ Akash Modi is 2nd, while current Gopher Shane Wiskus is third.

The finisher with the top totals from the US Championships plus the two days of these trials will be named to the team.  The second place finisher will also be named to the team automatically, but only if he places in the top 3 in at least 3 events.  Modi has moved into 2nd overall but will need to move up in the PH and PB rankings to secure his spot.  Former #2 Yul Moldaeur, the former OU NCAA champ, has been battling illness.  He placed 4th in the AA but still could secure a spot with a stronger second day. 

The overall US team picture is unclear.  The US as a team lagged the leaders on Rings, PH and VT at last year's World's, when they finished fourth.  Trevor Howard placed 1st on R and tied with Colin Van Wicklen on VT today (7th AA), although the later scored the same on two different VTs and was 5th AA.  Former Sooner Allan Bower also did well on FX and PH to place 6th AA.  

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