Saturday, 04 February 2023 20:40

Arizona 195.7 at Stanford 196.275

Stanford's Anna Roberts won the FX and the AA with a 39.4. She also tied for the UB title with teammate Brenna Neault. Cardinal Ira Alexeeva, Isabela Onyshko and Chloe Widner tied for 1st on BB. Arizona's Malia Hargrove won VT. Link: ResultsĀ and AZ Release
Saturday, 04 February 2023 19:19

Men's: Simpson 352.55 at OU 407.65

Zach Nunez won PB and the AA with an 83.4 to lead OU. The Sooners swept the remaining events: Emre Dodanli on FX, Ignacio Yockers on PH, Morgan Seyler on R, Daniel Simmons on VT and Jack Freeman on HB. Link: Simpson Release
Saturday, 04 February 2023 19:18

PSU 195.475 at MSU 197.45

MSU's Gabrielle Stephen won the AA with a 39.575 and tied for the VT title with PSU's Ava Piedrahita. Spartan Nikki Smith won UB while teammate Baleigh Garcia took the BB. MSU's Skyla Schulte won the FX. Link: PSU Release
Saturday, 04 February 2023 19:16

ASU 196.8 at Cal 197.6

Cal's Mya Lauzon won the BB and the AA with a 39.7. That mark tied the school record. She also tied for the VT title with teammate Nevaeh DeSouza and the FX title with teammate eMjae Frazier and ASU's Hannah Scharf. Cal's Madelyn Williams won the UB. Link: Cal Release
Saturday, 04 February 2023 19:13

Michigan 408.2 at Nebraska 406.65

Michigan posted a season-best road score to defeat host NU. The Wolverines were led by wins from Adam Wooten on FX, Landen Blixt on VT and Evgeny Siminiuc and Virgil Watkins on PB. For NU, Cooper Giles won PH, Chris Hiser won R and Donte McKinney won HB. Link: Release
Saturday, 04 February 2023 19:09

Men's: PSU 401.75 at Illinois 408.8

Illinois posted a big win over PSU in their home opener, notching their highest team tally of the season. Illinois was led by wins from Connor McCool on FX, Ian Skirkey on PH, Josh Cook on R and Amari Sewell on VT. For PSU, Josh Karnes won PB and Matt…
Saturday, 04 February 2023 19:06

UW-Eau Claire 184.875 at UW-Whitewater 190.35

Whitewater was paced by wins from Brianna Balian and Kara Welsh on VT, Richella Velarmino on UB and Kelsey Kollhoff and Faith Mylin on FX. Eau Claire's Tia Ravara won BB while Harriet Toth led a trio of EC AAers with a 37.4. Link: UW EC Release
Saturday, 04 February 2023 19:05

Illinois 195.775 at Minnesota 196.675

Gopher Mya Hooten posted a 10 on FX to lead her squad. She also won VT (9.975), UB and the AA with a 39.675. Illini Mia Takekawa won the BB. Link: Minn Release
Saturday, 04 February 2023 19:03

Oregon State 197.3 at Washington 195.225

Beaver Jade Carey won VT, UB (9.975) and tied for the BB title with teammate Sydney Gonzales. Washington's Amara Cunningham won the FX. Link: UW Release
Saturday, 04 February 2023 16:40

UNC 195.975, WMU 195.525 at NC State 196.275

NC St's Chloe Negrete won BB and tied for 1st on VT and FX. She shared VT with teammate Emily Shepard and UNC's Lali Deknoidze. On FX, UNC's Julia Knower and WMU's Payton Murphy grabbed a share of the title. Shepard won the AA with a 39.375 while Dekanoidze won…
Saturday, 04 February 2023 16:36

Men's: Navy 394.05 at Army 393.15

Navy came from behind to nip host Army. They were led by wins from Caleb Hickey on FX, Isaiah Drake on R and Connor Van Loo on the VT. For Army, Maddox Pabellon won PH, Patrick Armstrong won PB and Zach Perez won the HB. Link: Navy Release
Alyssa Al-Ashari won the UB and BB to lead NIU to the win. Teammate Emmalise Nock won the FX. For Kent St, Rachel DeCavitch won VT and the AA with a 39.175. Link: Results
Friday, 03 February 2023 22:42

W&M 190.475 at UAA 190.25

W&M took the first of two meets at Alaska-Anchorage. W&M was led by wins from Caroline Blatchford on BB and Michelle Ngo on FX. The Seawolves got wins from Montana Fairbairn on VT and Alyssa Manley on UB. Link: Results
Friday, 03 February 2023 22:29

UCLA 197.45 at Utah 198.2

Ute Maile O'Keefe won BB with a 10 to lead Utah to a 49.775 on the event. She also tied for 1st on UB with teammates Cristal Isa and Grace McCallum, along with UCLA's Jordan Chiles. Chiles tied Ute Jillian Hoffman for 1st on VT. Chiles won the FX and…
Friday, 03 February 2023 22:28

USU 195.675 at Boise St 196.325

Adriana Popp won VT and BB to lead Boise St to the win. Teammate Courtney Blackson won the UB. Bronco Emma Loyim tied with USU's Alivia Ostendorf for 1st on FX. Link: Boise St Release
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